Winnie The Pooh
Winnie The Pooh Theme - An all time favourite!

Ideal for a first Birthday Party - boy or girl - we will plan a wonderful birthday and make your little one(s) giggle with glee and excitement!

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Winnie the Pooh Centerpiece in the corner, ideal place to exhibit your party cake and treats.

Neatly set in a garden theme and draped to form the perfect relaxed party setting. 

Our party venue at The Art Farm in Eikenhof​ boasts a thatched enclosed structure ideal for larger events.

We can styrofoam-cut your Child's name as well - for that extra surprise!

A close-up of the draped chairs. Each Kiddie received a party container to take home.

4 times tables and chairs.

Cups - Plates and Party Treats

​Winnie the Pooh "Honey"!

​16- Seater setting...

A close-up of the centrepiece cake - we can entertain many options.

Decorated cake - or try a sumptuous ice cream cake!

What a great party! Themed balloons setting the mood... Party for the Mommies and Dads to the right - keeping a close watch over proceedings.